[ The Search Operators ]
"Insane HTML5 take on Google's interface" - Hacker News (Y Combinator)
"The project aims to help people re-imagine how the web could work" - Huffington Post
"Sloppy Google serves as a reminder that for all its foibles, Google is still way better at its job than we are, never sleeping, making careless mistakes or being half-assed." - TechCrunch
What if a textfield is a lazy operator who types keywords for you?
What if buttons are operators who help you submit requests?
What if user interfaces have their own consciousness, senses, and gestures?
"The Search Operators" is the sloppy twin of Google search. By reversing the passive roles of UI elements, we want to expand the traditional notion of user interfaces. We hope this sloppy twin helps you switch mind set from everyday web routines and open up new perspectives.

This project is a mash-up of Html5 canvas, processing.js, jQuery, Google Search API and imagination by yuin chien and chawei hsu.

More projects: Anti-Like Magnet & Pixel Monster.
Operators' ID Badges
ID R0729185
Surina L.
Sr. Keyword Input Operator
Web Search Dept.
0.1.3 beta
ID R1127983
Jarek S.
Search Operator
Web Search Dept.
0.0.7 beta
ID R1431203
Remo C.
Intern Search Operator
Web Search Dept.
0.0.2 beta
NOTE: No one wants to co-operate with Surina who is always sleepy at work, Jarek has bad customer reviews due to his terrible spelling which results in wrong search results. Remo is inexperienced and incapable of handling his job.

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